When it comes to researching your taxi service, you can never be too thorough. Whether you are travelling to Texas or you are a local looking for a cab in The Woodlands for a night out on the town, understanding the difference between the local taxi services and what to look for in your driver means that you have your best chance at finding a transportation company you will love.

Check Reviews

Reviews are essential to service companies, and previous clients are always honest. Check the taxi company’s online reviews and testimonials, and ask around. If the company has a bad reputation, you’ll be able to find out almost immediately. Look specifically for reviews talking about whether the company was on time, whether its drivers were professional, and whether clients felt safe in their cars.

At The Woodlands Transit, we are passionate about making our clients happy; it’s what we do best. Because of this, our reviews and our past clients have made us one of the Top Rated Local® taxi services in The Woodlands.


You want your chauffeur to be professional. While it may seem like a different quality to judge over the phone or online, you should be able to tell how professional a taxi service is going to be by how they talk to you on the phone, how quickly they respond to emails, and the quality of their web presence. At The Woodlands Transit, we pride ourselves on responding quickly and effectively to any phone calls or emails we receive.


Never trust a transportation company that charges far under the industry average. While it’s important for a service’s prices to be competitive and give you affordable options, there are times when you truly do get a cheap service that matches the cheap price. In the same way, make sure you are not being overcharged for a service, because there is no need to pay more when quality can be affordable. Our prices are competitive, affordable, and come with exceptional service so you are getting a value you’ll love.

When it comes to choosing the best transportation company, you’ve come to the right place. Where professionalism meets affordability, our clients love our service, and you will too! Contact us today to book your ride.