The quest for comfort and convenience has led many Americans to seek out a vehicle that can transport passengers in style. Modern limousines combine the best amenities for travel, and our limo services aim to deliver you the best experience possible. The Woodlands Transit is here to provide you with the best black car services for your needs, whether you’re looking for reliable airport car services or transportation to an important event. We strive to provide the best limo and town car services to The Woodlands and beyond. Our trained drivers aim to optimize your experience, and it shows with our dedication to service excellence. In our last blog, we looked at a few interesting limo facts that can help to illuminate some of the history behind this vehicle, or at least equip you with some quirky info for the next work party. Today, we’ll continue this adventure by discussing a few more interesting tidbits surrounding the modern luxury-mobile known as the limo.


Similar to Air Force One, the average limousine follows rules for naming...


Today’s modern conveniences help to make life as luxurious as possible for the typical American. This idea of comfort has been around since the founding of this country. The modern limousine is the perfect example of such endeavors. As a top provider of limousine and town car services for The Woodlands and beyond, The Woodlands Transit should be your first choice in Texas traveling. Our black car services offer clients the ability to travel in comfort and style, whether it be to a corporate meeting or to catch a flight. We strive to exceed your high expectations by focusing on both vehicle and driver quality to ensure reliable limo services, every time. Today’s blog will look back through time to discuss a few interesting origin stories that have influenced the modern limousine. You will probably be thankful for our modern luxuries after reading about these comforts of antiquity!


In 1902, the first luxury transportation vehicle was created with the purpose of transporting citizens around town in style. Early limousines resembled large cars of the...


The Woodlands Transit is a proud provider of town car and taxi services to provide you with driving solutions for a wide variety of transportation needs. In fact, we strive to offer the best town car services for The Woodlands and beyond in Texas. Our top-notch fleet and trained drivers provide customers with a smooth ride, whether you’re in need of a ride for groceries or Houston Airport transportation. One popular time of year that our services are great for is Valentine’s Day. While it comes only once a year, this holiday seems to sneak up on a high percentage of men and women. Our black car service is ideal for providing the style and luxury that should be associated with a perfectly romantic day. Today, we’ll look at a few date ideas within The Woodlands area and why our transportation company can help to make the day even better!


When you’re looking for a fun, engaging date idea, The Woodlands has plenty to offer! Make the most of this romantic day by trying one of the following...


The holidays are upon us once again. While the winter season should be spent enjoying time with loved ones and living festively, more often than not we’re stuck behind the wheel in traffic. Holiday travel tends to be the busiest time of year due to the increased amount of citizens traveling to spend time with their families. The Woodlands Transit understands the need to travel, and we’re more than happy to provide you with top-notch taxicab and airport services. Our fleet of limos and town cars are standing by to safely deliver you to your destination, whether that end point be your mother’s home or one of our bustling airports. If you’re in need of taxi services in The Woodlands, Texas, we can help! Today, we’ll look at why you should consider ordering a taxi cab service in order to get to your destination.


Statistically speaking, December and January combine to make for the worst time to travel. The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) provided data that shows that collision claims increase about 20 percent during the Christmas month. Increased...


It’s starting to look a lot like summertime! The kids are getting impatient for break, you’re breaking out the swimsuits, and the whole family is gearing up for a summer of fun, adventure, and late nights. The Woodlands Transit has been the area’s first choice for town car service for the past few summers, and we couldn’t be more excited for the events happening in and around the city this year!


Waterway Nights

The Waterway Nights’ music series features outdoor music, entertainers, face painting, magicians, fireworks, and so much more every Saturday night in June! These are great events to take the whole family or a special someone.

Jimmy Buffett And The Coral Reefer Band

Jimmy Buffett is coming to The Woodlands! Live on Saturday, June 4th at 8 p.m. at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Buffett will be playing a remarkable show with The Coral Reefer Band. Get your tickets now and book your ride to and from the event with The Woodlands Transit. We’ll make sure you get there without the stress of...


Creating the perfect date night takes time and thorough planning, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. By following these simple tips and scheduling our taxi service in The Woodlands, all you have left to do is pick out what you’re wearing.

Talk To Your Date Before You Plan

Understanding your date’s interests will better help you prepare for a night that is not only fun for you, but for them as well. Ask whether they would prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, what type of food they like to eat, and whether they want to do something relaxing or adventurous. By giving them options, you show that you genuinely care about their needs while still maintaining control of the evening.

Call Ahead

When you finally pick a restaurant, bar, or other venue, make sure you call ahead and reserve your spot so you are well prepared. It is never a good idea to leave your date up to chance, which is why, when you call The Woodlands Transit, we will make sure that your night is not hindered by not being able to find a taxi, traffic, or being worried about driving after...


You are getting ready to fly out of one of the Houston airports, and want to know whether hiring an airport car service is worth it or not. While the following costs and benefits will be different for each situation, in general, booking an airport limo in The Woodlands is going to be your best bet to get to either Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) or William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) on time and without the hassle.

Average Costs

Depending on how long you will be out of town and where you plan on parking, the cost of parking at the airport can add up quickly. At IAH, Terminal Parking can cost you $20 a day, meaning that if you are gone for longer than five days, you could be looking at more than $100 just to park, not to mention the cost of gas to and from the airport, and any tolls you have to pay.


Anyone who has parked at the airport understands the hassle, especially if you have a family with all of their luggage. Finding a spot and trekking through the endless parking garage at strange times of the morning or night with children can be a...


St. Patrick’s Day and the week leading up to it is a time to celebrate your Irish culture, even if you aren’t Irish. People across the world are united in green, regardless of race, age, and nationality, meaning that it is one of the best weeks to go out, have fun, and relax with your friends. However, St. Patrick’s day and the weekend preceding it are also known for being heavy drinking days. If you are planning to go out to the pubs, then book your taxi or town car service, so you can have a stress-free, worry-free night in The Woodlands or Houston.

If you are planning on staying in town, we can take you anywhere you’d like to go, and we’ll be ready to pick you up whenever you are. That way you don’t have to worry about leaving a pub early, just because your ride is there.

If you are planning on travelling to Houston, we can get you there and back without the hassle! There are several St. Patrick’s Day events happening in and around the city, and these are just a few:

Annual St. Patrick’s Parade: This takes place this Saturday, March 12th, and features some of...


When it comes to researching your taxi service, you can never be too thorough. Whether you are travelling to Texas or you are a local looking for a cab in The Woodlands for a night out on the town, understanding the difference between the local taxi services and what to look for in your driver means that you have your best chance at finding a transportation company you will love.

Check Reviews

Reviews are essential to service companies, and previous clients are always honest. Check the taxi company’s online reviews and testimonials, and ask around. If the company has a bad reputation, you’ll be able to find out almost immediately. Look specifically for reviews talking about whether the company was on time, whether its drivers were professional, and whether clients felt safe in their cars.

At The Woodlands Transit, we are passionate about making our clients happy; it’s what we do best. Because of this, our reviews and our past clients have made us one of the Top Rated Local® taxi services in The Woodlands.


You want your chauffeur to be...

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