The quest for comfort and convenience has led many Americans to seek out a vehicle that can transport passengers in style. Modern limousines combine the best amenities for travel, and our limo services aim to deliver you the best experience possible. The Woodlands Transit is here to provide you with the best black car services for your needs, whether you’re looking for reliable airport car services or transportation to an important event. We strive to provide the best limo and town car services to The Woodlands and beyond. Our trained drivers aim to optimize your experience, and it shows with our dedication to service excellence. In our last blog, we looked at a few interesting limo facts that can help to illuminate some of the history behind this vehicle, or at least equip you with some quirky info for the next work party. Today, we’ll continue this adventure by discussing a few more interesting tidbits surrounding the modern luxury-mobile known as the limo.


Similar to Air Force One, the average limousine follows rules for naming vehicles based on its occupancy. While the presidential plane can only be designated as “Air Force One” when the commander-in-chief is on board, limousines can only be referred to as such when it is accompanied by a chauffeur or chauffeuse. This term encompasses any person that is employed for the purpose of driving a passenger vehicle and, like the limousine, derives the title from French origins. The word chauffeur comes from the French translation for stoker, where steam-powered trains, boats, and automobiles needed a driver that would stoke the engine. Nowadays, the need for a chauffeur differs than the complicated processes of the past. While not as involved, our modern drivers are ready to transport you in style!


One tidbit that many citizens do not know is that limousines come in two classes, traditional and exotic. While the traditional category consists of standard Lincolns and Chryslers, where comfort and class take precedence over all other benefits. Exotics, on the other hand, consist of any limo that is not ordinary, from long Hummers to Dodge Chargers, to even speedy Maseratis and Ferraris.


Many people look to push the envelopes of comfort. Up until two years ago, the Ferrari 360 Modena was the fastest limousine in the world, reaching a top speed of 170 miles per hour. Audi has recently released the S8, a 597 brake horsepower racing machine that boasts speeds of 190 mph. Spacious and comfortable, this modern machine goes from 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. Aston Martin managed to bring more power to the table, introducing a v12 engine that reaches 203 mph with 560 BHP! While we promise prompt, reliable taxi services, our drivers will not be reaching these speeds!

The modern limousine comes in many shapes and sizes to fit a variety of purposes. Many advances and quirky outcomes have helped to pave the r

oad for today’s limo companies. Whether you’re looking for airport limo services or simply a ride to prom, we can help! The Woodlands Transit is here to get you to your destination on time in comfort and style. Our taxi and town car services give The Woodlands residents a reliable option for transportation. If you’re in need of black car services, feel free to book us online now!