Today’s modern conveniences help to make life as luxurious as possible for the typical American. This idea of comfort has been around since the founding of this country. The modern limousine is the perfect example of such endeavors. As a top provider of limousine and town car services for The Woodlands and beyond, The Woodlands Transit should be your first choice in Texas traveling. Our black car services offer clients the ability to travel in comfort and style, whether it be to a corporate meeting or to catch a flight. We strive to exceed your high expectations by focusing on both vehicle and driver quality to ensure reliable limo services, every time. Today’s blog will look back through time to discuss a few interesting origin stories that have influenced the modern limousine. You will probably be thankful for our modern luxuries after reading about these comforts of antiquity!


In 1902, the first luxury transportation vehicle was created with the purpose of transporting citizens around town in style. Early limousines resembled large cars of the time as opposed to the stretched variations that are common today. The purpose of these limos was to provide a maximum amount of privacy and comfort. To accomplish this, early limo drivers were actually placed in the front of the cab, completely outside of the vehicle. Our modern partition wall is a much better solution for this need! As such, the only protection drivers had was the shelf overhead that provided protection from the rain and sun. Although better than nothing, this did little to keep the driver warm and comfortable!


The term “limousine” is a commonly known concept across the globe, and the hood that protected these poor drivers is the reason for it. Limousin, France, is a well-known region that was frequented by a high number of shepherds. Their main article of clothing was a hooded cloak, closely resembling the shape of the first limos. As such, the word limousine (translating to “of Limousin”) became the term for these luxury automobiles.


The late 1920s saw a need for luxurious cars with more room. The main reason behind this was the influx of “big bands” at the time, or a large musical ensembles that utilize multiple instruments to create a massive jazzy sound. The Armbruster Company capitalized on this new need, creating extended-cab limousines to accommodate multiple musicians and their instruments in comfort. Glenn Miller was one of the top users of this new automobile, joining a large influx of buyers looking to purchase a stretch limo. The Armbruster car became a top-selling vehicle of the time and was a spark for captivating interest in limousine rides.

The Woodlands Transit is proud to provide taxi and town car services to The Woodlands and beyond. While we enjoy the history behind these luxury machines, it’s important to note that our drivers sit within the vehicle and are not left out in the cold! Our limo company was founded to provide reliable, affordable taxi services to Texans for any and all of their transportation needs. If you are looking for airport services or simply a ride to the grocery store, our highly trained drivers are ready to help. Contact us today to book your ride now!